Don’t Give Up

Hello Dog Enthusiasts:

I completely understand how busy life can get. When I had my first German Shepherd, I was a single Mom with 2 children, working and dealing with health issues.

I made lots of excuses for not training my dog. I was wrong. I did a huge disservice to Liberty.

My thinking was also wrong. I recognize that same type of thinking in others. We see things as all or nothing instead of small bite size pieces. We think negatively and stay there instead of looking at our situation from a positive.

We do have enough time. We don’t have to train for an hour…..We can train for very short periods of time….5-10 minutes is all you need.

We don’t have to get stuck if we make a mistake…..Get right back on the horse. What good does it do us to give up? Success never comes from giving up……everyone makes mistakes along the way….that is life.

Leave your pride at the door……We all started somewhere…….ask questions…….listen to training books on audible……seek out trainers that line up with your values.

What I am trying to say is……Don’t Give Up!

You can either train your dog and be proactive or deal with the behavior problems later. It’s much easier to be proactive.

One of the best things I learned in school was…..How To Learn! No…that was not a typo……What I mean to say is…..

  • Visualize is See It.
  • Declare is Say It.
  • Take Action is Do It!

These 3 tricks to learning will help you in your dog training journey. Reading the information

out loud and then teaching your dog what you have learned.

Have fun!! Training can and should be fun…Your dog will love the time you spend together and you will build a relationship you can be proud of……..❤

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